Cancer Research Run 2017


This year’s Cancer Research Run, organized by the Medical University of Vienna and the Initiative for Cancer Research, once again attracted thousands of supporters. 

On October 7th, the Campus “Altes AKH” turned into a family-friendly runners’ circuit.
One lap around the campus was exactly one mile (1.609km) long – for each run mile, a donation went to cancer research.
The donation and sponsor’s money is used to fund promising research projects being conducted by young and ambitious researchers at the Medical University of Vienna.

MFPL donated € 1000 for the initiative, by sponsoring their 16-people team.
It was a perfect way to start the weekend on a sunny Saturday morning. As you say in German, “Sport verbindet” - roughly translating to “Sports brings people together”. From Master’s students to group leaders and even our Administrative Director joining our team, everyone made a valuable contribution.
The team was so incredibly motivated, the PR person had a hard time catching our runners on pictures, barely managing a few blurry snapshots of the runners whizzing past. Have a look at the gallery below for a few impressions of the sunny day!

Hopefully see you next year at the Cancer Research Run, in the meantime a huge thank you to our runners for their commitment:

Karin Olek
Amelie Schoenenwald
Antonio Real Hohn Neto
Fabien Martins
Gijs Versteeg
Ismet Srndic
Mahbod Mousavian
Maria Velkova
Marion Goldeck
Milica Vunjak
Monika Waldherr
Paola Hentges Pinto
Sabrina Rohringer
Sidar Özer
Thomas Haden