New professorship: Javier Martinez


Congratulations to MFPL group leader Javier Martinez on his successful application for a professorship at the Medical University of Vienna.

Javier Martinez studied biology in Argentina and since 2016 leads his own group at the MFPL. Previously, he has led his own group at the neighbouring institute IMBA since 2004.

His research studies RNA metabolism in mammalian cells, focusing especially on the essential process of tRNA splicing. His group uses both in vitro and in vivo approaches, combining chromatography, mass spectrometry, RNAi, phylogenetic analysis, cultured cells and mouse models to identify key components of the human tRNA splicing pathway and their functions. For patients, the discovery of new enzymatic activities and the identification of mutations and their impact on RNA metabolism is essential to help unraveling disease mechanisms and envisioning new therapeutic approaches.

Javier Martinez is an EMBO member since 2015, and in 2007 received the European Young Investigator (EMBO-YIP) Award.