Pavel Kovarik declined offer from university abroad, is now full professor at the University of Vienna


Pavel Kovarik, group leader at the MFPL, has deflected an attractive offer from a university abroad. 
At the MFPL, fostering existing talents is as important as recruiting new ones. Therefore, keeping promising group leaders is a top priority. We are delighted to announce that Pavel Kovarik, group leader at the MFPL since 2003, has declined an offer and decided to keep working at the MFPL and the University of Vienna.

His full professorship in Immunobiology was made possible by the perfectly orchestrated collaborative effort between the directorates of the MFPL and the University of Vienna.
“I am grateful to the University and the MFPL for their efforts to support my research. This, together with the fantastic colleagues, highly stimulating environment and the outstanding infrastructure make me feel optimistic about the future. Last but not least, I am also grateful to the absolutely top-notch and always-in-a-good-mood administrative support in the department as well as in the VDS, DK, and SFB programs and in general the MFPL administration,” says Pavel Kovarik.

Last, but most importantly, Pavel Kovarik stresses the importance of his lab members, which was part of his decision to stay at the MFPL and the University of Vienna: “All current and previous lab members have my highest respect for their great work, pioneering spirit, enthusiasm and simply for being nice human beings. Without them, the excellent standing of the research in our lab and, consequently, my promotion would not have been possible”.

The lab studies the regulation of the immune system, focusing on different areas, ranging from transcriptional level, to mRNA and signaling pathways.
Pavel Kovarik is also very actively involved in teaching, holding various courses in immunology and related fields for Bachelor, Master’s and PhD students of the University of Vienna.