VBC PhD Award 2015


This year’s VBC PhD Symposium 'Communication - Let’s talk about it' traditionally ended with the VBC PhD Award ceremony on November, 6th. The award is granted to postgraduate students in acknowledgement of their outstanding PhD theses. It was inspired by MFPL group leader Renée Schroeder and is supported by the research institutes involved in postgraduate education at the VBC.

Two of the 2015 awardees completed their PhD at MFPL: Bettina Wurzer from the group of Sascha Martens won with her thesis entitled “On the role of p62 and ATG14 during mammalian autophagy”, and Krzysztof Chylinski (supervisors: Emmanuelle Charpentier and Renée Schroeder) won with his thesis entitled “The type II CRISPR-Cas adaptive immunity in bacteria: molecular mechanisms and evolution”. The other two awards went to Dominik Handler (thesis title: “The Genetic Makeup of the Drosophila piRNA pathway”) and Grzegorz Sienski (thesis title: "Dissection of nuclear function of Piwi in Drosophila") from the lab of Julius Brennecke at IMBA.

The awardees were selected by an inter-institutional jury: Oliver Bell (IMBA), Andrea Pauli (IMP), Michael Nodine (GMI), Renée Schroeder (MFPL, University of Vienna) and Tim Skern (MFPL, Medical University of Vienna).

Each awardee received 500 euros, a certificate and a special collector coin by the Austrian Mint.

Congratulations to the winners on their extraordinary achievements!