Chromosome Dynamics Meeting 2012

Since its start in April 2008 the SFB "Chromosome Dynamics" (coordinated by Franz Klein) has characterized chromosomal domains, such as kinetochores, chromosome axes and loops and recombination hotspots at the molecular level. Various aspects of chromosome biology are studied by  seven groups from MFPL and IMP. The 2012 Meeting on "Chromosome Dynamics" is the second such meeting organized by the SFB after a very successful meeting in 2009.  

The 2012 Meeting on "Chromosome Dynamics" brings together 30 relevant speakers from USA and Europe to discuss their recent findings concerning the mobilization of the genome, such as: 

i) How chromosome structure influences chromosomal stability and flexibility
ii) How programmed structural reorganization of chromosomal information during germ cell generation is controlled
iii) How  cell cycle mechanisms safeguard chromosomal segregation
iv) How kinetochores mediate chromosomal movement  

Guests are welcome, but as speakers are encouraged to present unpublished results, information from the meeting is considered confidential. Please register for the meeting by email to Meeting-secretary Katharina Haberler. Registration is free.

Venue: IMP lecture hall, Dr. Bohrgasse 7

The program can be downloaded here, and please find a map for arrival at the VBC here.