BD FACS Calibur

The BD FACS Calibur multicolour flow cytometer has been designed specifically to support a wide range of applications. The system combines dual-laser technology and powerful software for fast and reproducible particle analysis. The modularity and innovative technology also offers investigators the performance and flexibility required for a variety of applications in clinical and research environments.

Recommended speed of analysis: about 300 events per second for DNA measurement some 1000 events per second for others.


BD FACS Aria flow cytometer is a high-speed sorter with a fixed-alignment cuvette flow cell setting a new standard for high performance flow cytometry. This easy-to-use benchtop system delivers high-speed sorting and multicolour analysis. The new flow cell provides superior fluorescence sensitivity. The fixed optical system offers freedom from instrument maintenance and alignment.
Sort setup and sort monitoring features in the system software make the BD FACSAria instrument easy to use. BD AccuDrop is integrated into the system for quick and accurate drop-delay determination. Stream monitoring of the breakoff point and clog detection are incorporated for walkaway sorting.

Speed of analysis: maximum is 70 000 events per second
Speed of sorting: up to 20 000 events per second under optimum conditions (might be increased by the trick of double sorting).