Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in generating a monoclonal antibody at the Monoclonal Antibody Facility. How do I start?

We offer the generation of monoclonal antibodies to any given antigen, and a variety of options is available. Therefore, researchers should contact the Faciltity head at monoclonals [AT] [DOT] at or at +43-1-4277-61731 to arrange a consultation appointment. To facilitate proceedings, you should have the sequence of your protein available, and a good idea of the techniques for which the antibody should be used, i.e. Western blotting, IHC, ICC/IF, flow cytometry, or ELISA.

How much does it cost to generate a mAb?

For a complete list of prices please see our detailed price list. The generation of monoclonal antibodies is a multi-phase process, which is reflected in our pricing policy. For example, if an antigen proves to be non-immunogenic, you will only have to pay for the immunization phase. Also, customers can chose to complete a specific phase (e.g. minimal/limited dilutions to obtain single hybridoma clones) by themselves.

I want my mAb to function in a specific assay. May I screen for these antibodies myself?

Yes. You need to tell us before the start of a project that you will be screening the antibodies yourself. It will be very important to coordinate the timing of the screening to ensure a smooth progress of the project, especially during the fusion phase. However, we strongly recommend that screening by standard methods (i.e. ELISA/Western blot) should be performed at the MAF.

How can I track the progress of my project?

The generation of mAbs is a long and multi-step procedure. The manager will be in regular contact with the customer and send an e-mail notification once a distinct step is completed and requires your permission to proceed to the next one (for example, once the animal shows an immune response in the serum screen and is ready for fusion). Information on any project can be obtained at any time by contacting the facility manager.

Do you guarantee that I will get an antibody for my project?

No. Every antibody development project has its risks, e.g. we cannot guarantee that your protein or peptide will be immunogenic. We have quality control measures in place that will help increase the chances of success but there are always proteins that fail to produce an antibody.

Since we have a multi-step pricing policy in place, you will pay only for work that has been completed.