Why and how to acknowledge the facility

Acknowledgements or co-authorships are very important for core facilities as they provide an indication of the usage and scientific value of a facility. Such documented evidence facilitates raising funds and support in the future – not only for the MFPL Mass Spectrometry facility but especially for the VBCF instrument pool that we are using to measure your samples.

For this reason we request acknowledgement for the use of the facility services in your publications according to the following logic:

  • For routine analysis we kindly ask you to mention the facility (as "MFPL Mass Spectrometry Facility") in the acknowledgement section of your manuscript.

    A suggested minimum format would be:
    “Mass Spectrometry analyses were performed by the MFPL Mass Spectrometry Facility using the VBCF instrument pool.”

    If you were particularly satisfied with certain services or members of our facility you are certainly welcome to mention this in your own words. 

  • If a facility team member develops novel resources or methods, contributes substantially to the experimental design, or performs advanced data analyses which are beyond the invoiced routine service and which are an important part of the publication a co-authorship seems appropriate.

This policy is also supported by the Association of Biomolecular Research Facilities (ABRF) which has published a guideline on this matter (link).

If you think that this could become an issue just let us know as early as possible, ideally before the project starts, and we will try to find a solution.