GROUP TESSMAR | Molecular Cell Biology, Neuroscience, Populations, Adaptations & Evolution

Lunar periodicity and inner brain photoreceptors

Kristin Teßmar-Raible
Group Leader

Phone: +43-1-4277-74635
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 9, 1030 Vienna | Room: 4.117


The main interest of my lab is to investigate how solar and lunar light are sensed by the nervous system and how this light information impacts on the animals' information processing and endogenous clocks.

In particular, we aim to decipher the neuron types and molecules underlying fundamental, yet unexplored monthly oscillators (so-called circalunar clocks), using the bristle worm Platynereis dumerilii and the midge Clunio marinus.

Moreover, we have recently uncovered the presence of functional opsin photoreceptors in the inter- and motorneurons of medaka fish and zebrafish, and an...


Olga Antonova| Thomas Ayers| Marcus Dekens| Bruno Fontinha| Stefan Hajny| Maximilian Hofbauer| Verena Höllbacher| Joanna Jagoda| Sandra Pflügler| Andreas Poehlmann| Birgit Poehn| Mirta Resetar| Prabhavathi Talloji| Vinoth Babu Veedin Rajan| Juliane Zantke|

Selected Publications

Zantke, J; Ishikawa, T; Arboleda, E; Lohs, C; Schipany, K; Hallay, N; Straw, A; Todo, T, Tessmar-Raible, K (2013). Circadian and circalunar clock interactions in a marine annelid Cell Rep;5:1-15. PMID: 24075994

Fischer RM, Fontinha BM, Kirchmaier S, Steger J, Bloch S , Inoue D, Panda S, Rumpel S, Tessmar-Raible K. (2013). Co-Expression of VAL- and TMT-Opsins Uncovers Ancient Photosensory Interneurons and Motorneurons in the Vertebrate Brain PLOS BIOLOGY;11(6):e1001585. PMID: 23776409

Backfisch, Benjamin; Veedin Rajan, Vinoth Babu; Fischer, Ruth M; Lohs, Claudia; Arboleda, Enrique; Tessmar-Raible, Kristin; Raible, Florian (2013). Stable transgenesis in the marine annelid Platynereis dumerilii sheds new light on photoreceptor evolution. P NATL ACAD SCI USA;110(1):193-8. PMID: 23284166

Collaboration & Funding

ERC Starting Grant 2013

ERC Starting Grant 2013

Research Platform "Marine Rhythms of Life"

Research Platform "Marine Rhythms of Life"

<b>HFSP Young Investigator Grant 2010</b>

HFSP Young Investigator Grant 2010

Awardee of a Young Investigator Grant from the Human Frontier Science Program. Project title: "Characterization of light dependent rhytmic processes in the marine enviroment"

FWF START Prize 2009

FWF START Prize 2009

Awardee of a START Prize from the Austrian Research Fund FWF. Project title: "A Molecular Approach to Lunar Periodicity"