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MFPL PhDs win national research stipends


Gabriela Cabral and Michael Wildauer receive awards from the Austrian Academy of Sciences

Two MFPL PhD students were amongst 62 recipients of grants from the Austrian Academy of Sciences.


Gabriela Cabral, a member of Alex Dammermann's group, was awarded a DOC-fForte studentship. This program is designed to increase the number of women gaining a doctorate in 'typically male' subjects such as the natural sciences and technology. Her PhD research is an analysis of centrosome formation in the nematode C. elegans.


Michael Wildauer, who works in Christina Waldsich's lab, received a DOC stipend to support his PhD research. His project is entitled 'the structural organization of the human telomerase'.


Gabriela and Michael received their awards at a ceremony at the Academy on 24th Februrary. The deadlines for application for next year's stipends are coming up soon and can be found here.