MFPL Dragon Boating

One boat, 20 people with paddles, and one drummer who gives the commands and rhythm. The Dragon Boat Cup is one of Austria’s biggest team building incentives and MFPL has been participating since 2008. It’s true team work which brings the result and it’s a fantastic feeling being part of the team. The Dragon Boat Cup usually takes place end of June and we start training 4 months before.

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An MFPL shipmate from the Dragon Boat Cup 2011 wrote the following:

Hello everybody!

I am very proud to announce that the MFPL Dragon boat team finished on the excellent 6th place (out of 40 teams) in this year’s Dragonboatcup!

We arrived at Alte Donau extremely motivated, but I guess we were also a bit nervous when we paddled out for our first run. Though our starting strokes were not optimal we were pushing hard and finished our first qualification round in 1:03,50 (according to Barbara Hamilton the fastest time ever paddled by an MFPL team…). Motivated by the very good first round, we set off for the second qualification round. Knowing that we were able to reach the semi-finals if we could keep this pace, everybody gave their best. After a good start, we finished in 1:04,00. This result gave us the 5th place after the qualification rounds (EXCELLENT). We therefore clearly qualified for the semi-finals of the 8 best teams…

In the semifinal we had to race the extremely fast teams of “IT rockets” and “UNIQA dragons” which seemed to be out of reach – and took the 1st and 2nd place in the great final at the end. Nevertheless, we again motivated ourselves to push as hard as we could… Unfortunately, we could not keep our pace from the qualification rounds and finished in 1:06,50, which also allowed the “FORD rubber ducks” to pass us.

Nevertheless, we are very happy with our 6th place and our MFPL personal best of 1:03,50 – extra thanks goes to our captain Tomas!