6.12.11, Winter PhD selection chooses next intake of students

Prospective PhD students took part in the MFPL Winter Selection in Vienna last week. The successful candidates will join us at MFPL over the next six months.

For the would-be students, the process began in September 2011, when they applied to the program. A small number were chosen to visit Vienna and participate in the demanding selection procedures, making it a great achievement just to reach the interview stage.

“What is remarkable about the Max F. Perutz PhD program is how quickly it has established itself as a very successful international selection. This has significantly added to the scientific profile of MFPL and the Vienna Biocenter Campus,” commented program co-ordinator Alwin Köhler.

The thorough selection procedures were carried out over four days. They began with the group leaders’ introducing their research, and inviting the candidates to join them for dinner.

The following day, each candidate faced a panel interview. During this hour each applicant had to give a ‘chalk talk’ presenting firstly a scientific article and secondly their own Master’s research, without any resources apart from a blackboard – answering demanding questions from the interviewers throughout.

On Tuesday evening, current PhD students from the recruiting groups went out to dinner with the applicants, giving them an insider’s perspective on life at MFPL.

Individual interviews began on Wednesday morning and continued on to Thursday lunchtime. Wednesday’s evening program included a visit to a Christmas market and dinner at a mexican restaurant.

The procedures came to a close on Thursday afternoon, when the candidates had to declare their group preferences. Half an hour later, the places were revealed. We congratulate the successful applicants on their success and look forward to their starting with us next year.