Group Köhler Gottfried

Biomolecular optical spectroscopy

Biophysical characterisation of biomolecules and of their interactions in solution as well as on a live cell level represents the main object of our research. Methods include fluorescence and time resolved techniques performed over a wide range of time resolution. Studies by optical spectroscopy are complemented by biocalorimetry (DSC).

Quantitative studies on molecular dynamics on a single molecule level are performed using advanced fluorescence correlation techniques. Among others, these methods are applied on studies of ligand-receptor interactions relevant for hormone regulation and of the mechanisms of endocytosis and transport in single living cells. These measurements provide the basis for mathematical modelling of complex dynamic behaviour in bio-systems, implemented in close cooperation with other research groups.

Translational research related to clinical diagnostics is another area of focus. Our aim is to establish and to optimize novel and highly sensitive detection tools for inflammatory biomarkers such as interleukins in body fluids (serum, saliva and tears) using fluorescence correlation techniques. It will help to develop cost effective, highly sensitive and portable diagnostic/screening devices that can be incorporated into clinics. Other project deals with the detection of malignant cells in body fluids such as urine by fluorescence imaging. This technology will also allow to detect circulating malignant cells (CTC) in plasma in case of cancer metastasis.

Publications since 2006

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