Publications since 2006

Lučić, Iva; Rathinaswamy, Manoj K; Truebestein, Linda; Hamelin, David J; Burke, John E; Leonard, Thomas A (2018). Conformational sampling of membranes by Akt controls its activation and inactivation. P NATL ACAD SCI USA. PMID: 29632185
Leonard, Thomas A (2018). Reply to Agarwal: Activity against nuclear substrates is not necessarily mediated by nuclear Akt. P NATL ACAD SCI USA. PMID: 29907610
Michael Ebner, Iva Lučić, Thomas A. Leonard, and Ivan Yudushkin (2017). PI(3,4,5)P3 Engagement Restricts Akt Activity to Cellular Membranes MOL CELL;65(3):416-431. PMID: 28157504

*Iva Lucic, Co-first author; *Thomas A. Leonard, Co-corresponding author



von Raußendorf, Freia; de Ruiter, Anita; Leonard, Thomas A. (2017). A switch in nucleotide affinity governs activation of the Src and Tec family kinases Scientific reports.;7(1):17405. PMID: 29234112
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Truebestein, Linda; Leonard, Thomas A (2016). Coiled-coils: The long and short of it. BIOESSAYS;38(9):903-16. PMID: 27492088
Truebestein, Linda; Elsner, Daniel J; Fuchs, Elisabeth; Leonard, Thomas A (2015). A molecular ruler regulates cytoskeletal remodelling by the Rho kinases. NAT COMMUN;6:10029. PMID: 26620183



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Gutierrez-Uzquiza, Alvaro; Colon-Gonzalez, Francheska; Leonard, Thomas A; Canagarajah, Bertram J; Wang, HongBin; Mayer, Bruce J; Hurley, James H; Kazanietz, Marcelo G (2013). Coordinated activation of the Rac-GAP ß2-chimaerin by an atypical proline-rich domain and diacylglycerol. NAT COMMUN;4:1849. PMID: 23673634
Yang, Huiseon; Tong, Junsen; Leonard, Thomas A; Im, Young Jun (2013). Structural determinants for phosphatidylinositol recognition by Sfh3 and substrate-induced dimer-monomer transition during lipid transfer cycles. FEBS Lett;587(11):1610-6. PMID: 23603387
Leonard, T.A (2013). C2 domain proteins. Encylopedia of Metalloproteins.
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Oliva, Maria A; Halbedel, Sven; Freund, Stefan M; Dutow, Pavel; Leonard, Thomas A; Veprintsev, Dmitry B; Hamoen, Leendert W; Löwe, Jan (2010). Features critical for membrane binding revealed by DivIVA crystal structure. EMBO J;29(12):1988-2001. PMID: 20502438
Wu, Yuliang; Sommers, Joshua A; Suhasini, Avvaru N; Leonard, Thomas; Deakyne, Julianna S; Mazin, Alexander V; Shin-Ya, Kazuo; Kitao, Hiroyuki; Brosh, Robert M (2010). Fanconi anemia group J mutation abolishes its DNA repair function by uncoupling DNA translocation from helicase activity or disruption of protein-DNA complexes. BLOOD;116(19):3780-91. PMID: 20639400
Leonard, Thomas A; Hurley, James H (2007). Two kinase family dramas. CELL;129(6):1037-8. PMID: 17574014