BioOptics - Light Microscopy

"Learn to live with Uncertainty"

The BioOptics facility is dedicated to providing state-of-the art light microscopy equipment to MFPL researchers.The facility has been centralized in rooms of the VBC5-building. Currently, three laser scanning confocal microscopes, two spinning disc units, a live-imaging station equipped for TIRF with full environmental control and microfluidics, an epifluorescence deconvolution microscope, a high-content imaging station and a microdissection-laser ablation instrument are available. The facility management provides professional training and assists in experimental planning, technical setup, troubleshooting and image analysis.



High Content Microscope (HCM) installed and ready for use
(Dec 2016/Jan 2017)

We have successfully re-configured an existing microscope unit to a High-Content Imaging station. The unit has been completely re-programmed and is driven by non-commercial acquisition software, which also allows us flexibility in integrating optical equipment. In principle the design (allowing phase contrast) is focused at fluorescence imaging of multi-well plates (plastic and glass-bottom) of any format using a range of long-distance dry objectives. More comprehensively the system may be used for other individualized approaches.

TIRF upgrade installed at Olympus cellSens (Dec 2016)

We have now successfully upgraded our live-widefield imaging unit, Olympus cellSens, with a TIRF-module. We offer three independent laser lines (405, 488, 561nm), a 100x TIRF objective (NA=1,49) and a sensitive EM-CCD camera (16x16µm, 512x512 pixel) at the detection side. The 405nm laser can also be used for photomanipulation purposes.

Location and Rooms

VBC5 - Structural and Computational Biology Dept., Level E1

Architectural plan

  • Office: room 1.618 (tel. ext. 61672)
  • Microscopes 1: room 1.223 (tel. ext. 61678)
  • Microscopes 2: room 1.320 (tel. ext. 61677)
  • Microscopes 3: room 1.318 (tel. ext. 61679)
  • Tissue Culture: room 1.219
  • Image Processing workstations: MFPL main building, 6th floor, room 6.508.


E-mail: lightmicroscopy [AT] [DOT] at
Mobile numbers:
Josef Gotzmann: +43-664-8001635200
Thomas Peterbauer: +43-664-60277-52878

Available Equipment (room #)

Complementary Equipment

  • Two image processing workstations (room 6.508, MFPL main building) providing stand-alone microscope software (Olympus cellSens, ZEN 2012, Visiview) and professional software packages for deconvolution and 3/4D image processing (SVI Huygens, softWoRx suite)
  • Zeiss Stereomicroscope Stemi2000 (Transmitted/Incident Light)-room 1.320
  • Leica Stereomicroscope S6E (Transmitted/Incident Light)-room 1.318
  • BSL2 Tissue Culture Hood (room 1.219)
  • BSL1 Tissue Culture (room 1.219, hood, microscope, incubator, freezer & fridge)


Potential trainees must

  • provide an organized experimental strategy to discuss with the facility staff
  • already have own samples for a specialized training session


  1. Fill in the Light Microscopy Training Application form and meet the facility staff (appointments via lightmicroscopy [AT] [DOT] at) to discuss most forward strategies and find the proper microscope(s) to be trained on.*
  2. Attend the "Introductory Lecture Biooptics" including laser safety instructions.**
  3. Organize a training unit with the facility staff  – training units will be split into "how to do" and "optimize my sample" sessions (on separate days).
  4. Fill in and sign the “Training Confirmation” form on usage of microscopes/user fee regulations (trainee and group leader) and bring it to your training session.
  5. Before you attend the sessions, please download our "General Administrative Rules" and read them thoroughly!

*Optional: facility personnel evaluates potential applicability with user specific samples, if selection of the proper microscope system remains unclear.

**1.) and 2.) may be switched.

Lectures always take place in the seminar rooms in VBC5, level E1 (Structural Biology Dept.). Lecture Dates are announced regularly. To register, login to the MFPL Intranet ⇒ "Booking System" ⇒ ”Lecture and Training Registration".

User Fee Strategy

MFPL users can access current prices via the intranet ("Booking System" ⇒ "Facility Infos"). External users in any case need to contact the head of facility, Josef Gotzmann, to get informed on conditions to use MFPL's Biooptics instrumentation.

In House Microscopes

Six microscope systems (one in each floor + histology + teaching microscope) in the MFPL main building have been upgraded to state-of-the-art technology. They are fully motorized, host high-end CCD cameras and are fully equipped for fluorescence/brightfield imaging. Irmgard Fischer is the responsible person for these microscopes: she helps in training and troubleshooting and maintenance/service.

Irmgard Fischer; Facility Technician; Rooms 5.528/5.530; Tel. ext. 52866; Irmgard.fischer [AT] [DOT] at




Facility Head


Josef Gotzmann Facility Manager
josef.gotzmann [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-61672



Thomas Peterbauer Technician
thomas.peterbauer [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-61676