RNA Network History of RNA


Yesterday Jürgen Knoblich, scientific director of IMBA, gave an intriguing talk in the frame of the “Wiener Vorlesungen” about recent innovations in biotechnology and their potential to revolutionize basic biomedical research. Our CRISPR/Cas interactive station was also part of the event and could be visited by participants before and after the lecture. (read more)

Congratulations to Florian Pflug from the von Haeseler group, who successfully defended his PhD thesis “Correctly counting molecules using unique molecular identifiers” today! (read more)


Everyone is invited to join our next guest seminar by

Ashish Lal (NIH NCI Center for Cancer Research):

To be or not to be long noncoding RNA (read more)

Renée Schroeder’s webinar on Genome Editing, held on 23 October 2019, is now publicly available as an online-video: . (read more)