RNA Network History of RNA


Congrats to Stefan Lutzmayer from the Nodine Lab at the GMI for successfully defending his PhD Thesis entitled “Small interfering RNA dynamics and functions during Arabidopsis embryogenesis” today! (read more)

Open Science held its first pilot workshops on genome editing this week in schools in Vienna. Guided by a professional visual facilitator, students discussed and dealt with the ethical and social aspects of genome editing with creative methods. This project is part of a public outreach project with our doctoral program in RNA biology. (read more)


Congratulations to Chiara Alberti from the Cochella Lab at the IMP for successfully defending her PhD Thesis entitled “Dissecting the contribution of microRNAs to nervous system development and function in C. elegans today! (read more)

Congratulations to Julia Batki from the Brennecke Lab at IMBA for successfully defending her PhD thesis “Nuclear small RNA-guided silencing of transposable elements in Drosophila melanogaster” on Fri, 8th March 2019!
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