E-mail: javier.martinez(at)meduniwien.ac.at
Phone: 0043-1-4277-61803
Research Group: http://www.mfpl.ac.at/groups/mfpl-group/group-info/martinez.html
Institution: MFPL/MedUni Wien


Full member of the DoktoratsKolleg RNA Biology since 2007 and the SFB RNA-Reg.


PhD students:
Dhaarsini Koneswarakantha
Paola Hentges Pinto
Igor Asanovic

DK RNA Biology Alumni:
Johannes Popow: “Identification and characterization of a human tRNA ligase complex”
Sabrina Bandini: “Characterization of the cellular function of the 5′ polinucleotide kinase NOL9″
Theresa Henkel: “Cytoplasmic functions of the tRNA ligase complex in health and disease”


Our research:

Our laboratory combines biochemistry, bioinformatics, PAR-CLIP and mouse knockout models to study novel enzymes that phosphorylate RNA molecules and ligate pre-tRNAs and pre-mRNAs during non-canonical splicing.
In vitro and in silico approaches allow a profound mechanistic and structural understanding of these enzymatic activities.
In vivo analysis promises to reveal connections between RNA metabolism and disease.