Michael Jantsch_MedUni Wien

E-mail: michael.jantsch(at)meduniwien.ac.at or michael.jantsch(at)univie.ac.at
+43 1 40160 37510
Research Group:
Institution: MedUniWien/MFPL


Full member of the DoktoratsKolleg RNA Biology since 2007.
Head of the SFB RNA-Reg since February 2015.


PhD students:
Prajakta Bajad
Utkarsh Kapoor
Renata Kleinová

DK RNA Biology Alumni:
Maja Stulic: “Impact of pre-mRNA editing on Filamin A function”
Mansoureh Tajaddod: “Impact of SINEs on gene expression”
Conny Vesely: “Impact of ADARs on miRNA abundance and sequence”
Silpi Banerjee: “Nuclear Import and substrate recognition by dsRBDs”


Our research:

During A to I RNA editing adenosines are deaminated to inosines in coding and non-coding regions of mRNAs. Inosines are recognized as guanosines by most cellular machineries. Consequently A to I editing can recode mRNAs leading to the translation of proteins that are not encoded in the genome. Inosines can also affect other processing events such as RNA splicing. In turn, RNA splicing has also been shown to affect RNA-editing. In our group we investigate the controlled recoding of the mRNA encoding the filamin A protein. Using mouse models we investigate the impact of this editing event on development and health.
We also study the transcriptome-wide effects of RNA-editing on RNA splicing but also investigate how the speed of splicing impacts on RNA-editing.