If you start your PhD studies in the groups of Stefan Ameres, Udo Bläsi, Julius Brennecke, Luisa Cochella, Boris Görke, Ivo Hofacker, Isabella Moll, Michael Nodine, Alex Stark or Arndt von Haeseler, we will register you for the PhD programme Molecular Biology at the UniWien. You should find all necessary information about studying at the UniWien on the “Studentpoint’s” website

Please check with the DK RNA Biology’s programme manager before sending any documents or if you have any questions.



For your first registration, the admission, with the UniWien you need to fill in the online pre-registration (Erstanmeldung online) (don’t forget the password you set here!!!) and provide the following documents:

All documents must be provided in English or German and may need an authentication. Note that if your documents were not issued in English or German originally you need to have them translated by a certified translator and then authenticated.

You can read up the detailed information on legalization and translation of documents here.  The kind of legalisation always refers to the state in which the document was issued. So if you lived and studied in different countries you may need different authentications for the single documents.



After the UniWien has processed your application you will receive an official letter of approval and the tuition fee payment information (currently EUR 385,- per semester).

You need to go to the Admission Office personally with this letter of approval and proof of payment to finalize your registration. You can also pay the tuition fee directly at the Admission Office – but only with a MAESTRO bank card (no cash, no credit cards).

Congratulations! You are now a PhD student at the University of Vienna!

You have your student-ID, your UniWien student email address (a0123456(at), and access to UNIVISonline ( the online system of organizing your student proceedings, eg registering for courses.


CO-REGISTRATION (Mitbelegung) with the MedUni

The curriculum of the DK RNA Biology is registered with the MedUni (Medical University of Vienna) and the UniWien (University of Vienna) – therefore we ask all our students to register with both universities. As you have your main registration with the UniWien, you will be co-registered with the MedUni:

Please fill in the online pre-registration “Studierenden Voranmeldung” (don’t forget the password you set!) and email your DK’s programme manager the following documents: copy of student-ID, copy of your eCard (Austrian insurance card) and your “Studienblatt” which you can download from your UNIVISonline account.

In the following semesters you only need to provide the new “Studienblatt”.



Your group leader and programme manager will provide you with the details of your thesis proposal which you must present at the end of your 2nd semester.

The DoktorandInnenZentrum (Center for Doctoral Studies offers all necessary forms for download. For the registration of your thesis proposal you need to submit the following forms:

The PhD Student Lounge for Molecular Biology also offers various downloads, eg the official first page of your exposé:

Please contact your DK programme manager when preparing the paperwork for your thesis proposal!


ANNUAL REPORTS (Fortschrittsbericht)

It is the PhD student’s responsibility to organize the PhD Committee Meeting once per year. To document this, please use the following 2 forms which you can download here:

DZ/V02 – Annual Report
DZ/V03 – Attachment to the Annual Report

Please note that all your PhD Committee Members have to sign the Annual Report!!!
Make copies of these documents for yourself and give the originals to your DK programme manager.



The rules and guidelines on how to submit your doctoral thesis can be found here.



Before arranging any conferences, workshops or external meetings please check with your group leader, DK programme manager, and secretary about your travel allowance.

Keep all original invoices (flight, train, conference fee, accommodation), boarding tickets, and your confirmation of participation for the reimbursement and submit everything together with the reimbursement form to the responsible administrative person.

For the reimbursement via the University of Vienna, please use these forms: