E-mail: pavel.kovarik(at)
Phone: 0043 1 4277 54608
Research Group:
Institution: MFPL/UniWien


Full member of the Focus Regulatory RNA.


PhD students:

Lucy Sneezum
Kevin Eislmayr
Iris Steinparzer
Masa Ivin


Vitaly Sedlyarov
Virginia Castiglia
Florian Ebner


Our research:

Inflammation can be viewed as stereotypical set of reactions to protect cells and entire organisms against environmental insults such as invading pathogens or tissue injuries. One of the key features of inflammatory responses is the precise and multilayered control of their magnitude and duration, which are adjusted such that hyper- or chronic inflammation is avoided yet a protective response is generated. We investigate the regulation of immune homeostasis at the level of transcriptional and posttranscriptional control of gene expression. In the field of posttranscriptional mechanisms we focus on the mRNA-destabilizing protein TTP and how TTP regulates inflammatory mRNA degradation to re-install immune and tissue homeostasis. We employ systems biology approaches combining high content approaches such as PAR-CLIP, RNA-seq and GRO-seq with cellular as well as animal models of infection and inflammation.