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RNA Biology

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RNA biology is at the heart of many exciting research areas today. The consortium of this PhD program unites researchers from the MFPL, the Medical University of Vienna, the University of Vienna, IMBA, IMP, CeMM, and GMI and provides a focused PhD training in the world of RNAs – covering the areas structure & folding, translation, transcriptomics & bioinformatics, regulatory RNAs, RNA processing & transport, epigenetics & gene expression.


The Doctoral Program RNA Biology is reviewed and funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF. Students have the additional advantage of being integrated into the special research program on “RNA Regulation of the Transcriptome”.


The Doctoral Program is hosted by the MFPL. Students will aquire their PhD from the University of Vienna or the Medical University of Vienna depending on the affiliation of their group leader.


Application and Selection


Selections are organized in cooperation with the International MFPL PhD Program or the Vienna Biocenter PhD Program. For open calls, submission deadlines, etc. please visit the homepage of the doctoral program RNA Biology.


Participating Research Groups


Stefan Ameres (IMBA)  |  Andrea Barta Udo Bläsi  |  Julius Brennecke (IMBA)  |  Arndt von Haeseler  |  Ivo Hofacker (Univ.Vienna)  |  Michael Jantsch  |  Javier Martinez (IMBA)  |  Kazufumi Mochizuki (IMBA)  |  Isabella Moll  |  Michael Nodine (GMI)  |  Walter Rossmanith (Med. Univ. Vienna)  |  Renée Schroeder Alexander Stark (IMP)


Associated Groups


Denise Barlow (CeMM) Luisa Cochella (IMP) Silke Dorner  |  Boris Görke Alwin Köhler  |  Christina Waldsich

Scientific Coordinator

Andrea BARTA Andrea Barta
Tel. +43-1-4277-61640

Program Manager / DP Office

Nicola WISKOCIL Nicola Wiskocil
Tel. +43-1-4277-61609

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF