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Genetic Information, the blueprint for any living organism, is encoded by DNA. In higher eukaryotes, the DNA resides in the nucleus of a cell and is partitioned into linear units called chromosomes. The maintenance of genetic information and its faithful transmission from one generation to the next crucially depends on intact chromosomes. Failure to protect DNA from deterioration, impaired DNA repair or missegregation of chromosomes during cell division seriously compromises the fitness of any organism. Understanding the molecular basis of chromosome maintenance and dynamics is therefore essential for human health and fertility, industry and food production, and plant breeding.

The PhD track “Chromosome Dynamics”, funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) brings together some of Vienna's leading chromosome researchers to provide a stimulating and state-of-the-art training environment for those seeking to pursue a research career in this exciting field of modern biology. Together with the FWF funded Special Reseach Focus program “Chromosome Dynamics – Unraveling the Function of Chromosomal Domains“ it constitutes a strong thematic focus. Research topics include (somatic and meiotic) DNA repair, chromosome organisation, movement and segregation, telomere function, dynamics of chromatin modifications and gene regulation.

Application and selection

Selections for the track are organized in co-operation with MFPL and the Vienna Biocenter PhD Program. For further information please visit the homepage of the track Chromosome Dynamics.

Participating research groups

Former and associated research groups

  • Gustav Ammerer (University of Vienna/Max F. Perutz Laboratories)
  • Oliver Bell (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences)
  • Juraj Gregan (Comenius University, Bratislava)
  • Karel Riha (Central European Institute of Technology, Brno)
  • Dea Slade (University of Vienna/Max F. Perutz Laboratories)

Program manager

Marie-Therese KURZBAUER

Marie-Therese Kurzbauer
marie-therese.kurzbauer [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-56202

Supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF