Vienna Biocenter Amateur Dramatic Club

The Vienna Biocenter Amateur Dramatic Club (VBC ADC) is an extra-curricular society based on the campus. The members are drawn from all four academic institutes at the VBC (GMI, IMBA, IMP and MFPL) and include students, technicians, group leaders and Postdocs. No previous experience is necessary, and the emphasis is very much on having fun.

The club grew out of the success of the annual Christmas play, which was initiated in 2008 at the MFPL (“Cinderella”) and has since gone on to become the centre piece of the VBC Christmas Party. These Christmas plays are in the tradition of British pantomime, and offer the students and postdocs to turn the tables on their supervisors for one night. The scripts feature a mix of song, dance, satire and slapstick humour, and are written by the cast, based on traditional children’s stories (“The Wizard of Ös”, 2009; “Peter Pan”, 2010). The Christmas play remains the cornerstone of the club’s output.


The drama club was officially formed in January 2010, and since then has gone on to perform three productions. The first was Peter Shaffer’s “Amadeus” (June 2010), set in Vienna and featuring many of the historical personages and landmarks of the Biocenter’s host city. In September 2010, the club performed an open-air version of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the Biocenter courtyard, making use of the lawns, basketball court and patio. In May 2011 came “Smorgasbord”, an evening of short plays, which included the club’s first German-language production. In addition to rehearsing for shows, the club regularly meets for social activities and workshops.

The complete list of ADC shows is as follows:
1. Cinderella (December 2008)
2. The Wizard of Ös (December 2009)
3. Amadeus (June 2010)
4. A Midsummer Night’s Dream (September 2010)
5. Peter Pan (December 2010)
6. Smorgasbord (May 2011)
7. Twelfth Night (August 2011)

Interested in joining in?
Contact Brooke Morriswood: brooke.morriswood(at)