MFPL PhD and PostDoc Retreat 2011

As most of you know, MFPL has already had two successful PhD an Postdoc Retreats in the last two years, and we are now preparing for this year’s retreat! The organizing committee has already held some meetings. However, we need more people willing to help us!

The event itself will take place sometime in October 2011, so at the moment we still have plenty of time to plan and make things happen. But things are much harder and much less motivating if there are only few people organizing it. So join us and let’s make this one the best retreat ever! It doesn’t take a lot of time and energy, and the satisfaction from the experience you will have in the end is priceless.

We especially encourage new PhD and Postdocs to join. It is a great way to meet more people and learn a lot of new things unrelated to science.The meetings only take place once a month, and we always have them at a time when everyone is able to come. The organizing team changes each year, but if you are interested joining in, get in touch with the PhD and Postdoc representatives.

MFPL PhD Reps:
Mingliu Du & Sebastian Wienerroither

MFPL Postdoc Reps:
Heather Esson & Isabella Rauch