VIPS Career Development – Coaching

One-on-one coaching provides support to cope with individual problems.

Coaching is designed to improve existing skills, competencies and performance, and to enhance the personal effectiveness or personal growth of the coachee. It is a helping and facilitative process – within a one-to-one relationship between a coach and a coachee which brings about an enhancement in the quality of life, and possibly a life-changing experience. It may enable you to shift your perspectives, thereby discovering different approaches, strategies or even solutions to achieve your goals.

Reasons for coaching could be individual career planning, conflicts in the lab or with the supervisor, personal crises at work, stress and stress reactions (work-life balance), support in decision making, etc. – or if you only would like to talk about your concerns to an independent person who is familiar with the way of thinking as a life scientist.

A coaching hour comprises 50 minutes. In an initial meeting with the coach the actual concern(s) of the coachee is clarified. The duration of the coaching process can range from one single meeting to up to 15 sessions and depends on the needs of the coachee. The meetings are held in the premises of the coaches separate from the campus in order to establish the necessary confidentiality.
Coaching is free for VIPS individuals, provided by a non-interrogative and simple approval process.

The coaches are:

Monika Bachler, PhD: molecular biologist, psychotherapist and coach.
Monika Bachler received her PhD in Molecular Biology at the IMP in 2004. Since then she is active in the field of science communication and led a range of educational projects. However, she is psychotherapist by training and is predominantly working in private practice. For more information see

 Uwe von Ahsen, PhD: molecular biologist, coach and managing consultant.
Trained as a molecular biologist (PhD from University of Vienna), he was active in basic research during his postdoctoral positions at the University of California at Santa Cruz and the Institute of Molecular Pathology in Vienna. Following this, he spent almost 10 years in the biotechnology industry (Intercell AG, Biovertis AG, Vienna). Since then, he is working as consultant for high-tech start-ups focussing on organisational development, strategic management and coaching for individuals, and also as Business Developer at the AIT.

To get in contact with the coaches please write an e-mail to: