Prevedel Robert (Austria)

Robert Prevedel

Research Topic: Fast Functional Imaging Tools and Methods
Research Group: Alipasha Vaziri
E-mail: robert.prevedel(at)
Phone: 0043 1 427 752 275


Title: Experimental all-optical one-way quantum computing
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Anton Zeilinger
Institute: University of Vienna, Austria

Research Positions

Group Leader, Cell Biology and Biophysics Unit, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Heidelberg, Germany.
Advanced optical techniques for deep tissue microscopy
Senior Post-Doctoral Fellow, Research Institute for Molecular Pathology (IMP) and Max F. Perutz Laboratories GmbH  (MFPL), Vienna, Austria.
Quantum effects in biological systems, entangled-photon microscopy, fast functional imaging
Post-Doctoral Fellow, Institute for Quantum Computing, University of Waterloo, Canada.
Chirped-pulse interferometry, non-linear optics, multiphoton entanglement.
Advisor: Kevin Resch
Research and Teaching Assistant, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, Austria.
Multiphoton entanglement, one-way quantum computing.
Advisor: Anton Zeilinger
Joint Study Fellow, Department of Physics, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.
Research stay (6 months) at the Quantum Technology Laboratory.
Advisor: Andrew White
Scientific Assistant, Institute for Experimental Physics, University of Vienna, Austria.
Quantum logic gates, multiphoton entanglement, quantum teleportation.
Advisor: Anton Zeilinger

Fellowships & Awards

2014 FENS-IBRO Travel Award, from the FENS.
2012 Marie Curie IIF Post-Doctoral Fellowship, from the European Union.
2011 VIPS Post-Doctoral Fellowship, from the Max F. Perlutz Laboratories.
2010 Finalist, DPG AMOP Dissertation Prize.
2009 Erwin-Schrödinger Post-Doctoral Fellowship, from the Austrian Science Fund.
2009 MRI Post-Doctoral Fellowship, from the Ontario Ministry for Research and Innovation.
2007 Merit Scholarship, from the University of Vienna.
2006 KWA Scholarship, from the University of Vienna (Conference Grant).
2006 International Communication Scholarship, from the ÖFG (Travel Grant).
2006 Merit Scholarship, from the University of Vienna.
2005 Joint Study Fellowship, from the University of Vienna.
2004 Top-Stipendium Exchange Scholarship, from the State of Lower Austria.


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Miscellaneous Contributions

[28] R. Prevedel and A. Zeilinger, “Entanglement and One-Way Quantum Computing”, Contribution to the popular website [pdf]

[29] R. Prevedel, “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle revisited”, Contribution to the popular website [pdf]

[30] N. K. Langford, S. Ramelow and R. Prevedel, “A New Scheme for Photonic Quantum Computing “, Contribution to the popular website [pdf]


R. Prevedel, “Experimental all-optical one-way quantum computing: An introduction into the theory and experiments of photonic one-way quantum computing”, SVH Südwestdeutscher Verlag für Hochschulschriften (2009) [ISBN 978-3-8381-0847-6] [Amazon Link] [cover]
Comment: This book is a slightly modified version of the dissertation below.

Doctoral Thesis
“Experimental all-optical one-way quantum computing”
, University of Vienna (2009) [pdf]

Diploma Thesis
“Experimental Realization of a Simple Entangling Optical Gate for Quantum Computation”, University of Vienna (2005) [pdf]