What we offer

We offer more than just a postdoc.
A VIPS postdoc can be a fast-track to a group leader position. The cornerstone of this will always be excellent scientific publications. However, your ability for raising funds will make you very competitive when you are applying for your next job.

During the settling-in phase, we help you to identify important scientific questions and to design projects. We support you to become proficient in writing papers, grants, and to communicate your work.

We give you a unique amount of independence by allocating your own research budget and travel funds. We help you to apply for your own grants and to develop a project you could take with you when you move on.

We want to give you independence without leaving you alone, so we offer a considerable amount of support. As well being guided by your group leader, you will be mentored by a postdoc advisory panel made up of local and international experts. You will also have access to confidential coaching to help you along the way.

We place you in a scientific environment that is both stimulating but also small and friendly. Our average group size is 8 people, giving group leaders time to encourage ambitious people in their ambitious research. The diversity of interests across our 62 groups make unconventional and interdisciplinary approaches easy to realize.

We know that your career will demand more than scientific knowledge. So we offer a full program of career guidance, complemented with training sessions on lab management and other administrative issues. We also help you to keep your options open with transferrable skills that can be used for a variety of different jobs.

Your three-year fellowship comes with a competitive salary and full health coverage. We want to make Vienna not only the right place for you, but also for your family. We have on-site childcare facilities and are committed to making research and family life compatible.


VIPS in brief


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