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Vienna has always been a vibrant city and cultural heart in the centre of Europe.

Today, it embraces the past and the future, and is a fertile soil for innovation of all kinds.

Vienna is in motion, constantly creating new spaces in old places – a hospitable terrain that we invite you to explore…!

Vienna: New Spaces In Old Places

© Critical Mass Vienna

City Sports

Keen to be an urban mountaineer? Well, why not scale the roof of a flak tower? Six of these massive defensive fortifications from World War II still remain in the city centre.

Feeling critical? Then indulge your revolutionary instincts and reclaim the streets with “critical masses” of cyclists every third Friday of the month. If you don’t have a bike yet, simply borrow one or check out the occasional workshop for racing and vintage bikes! And there is so much more to get you moving…

© Katharina Zerlauth

Nature / Outdoor Life

Vienna is a startlingly green city. Flourishing alongside the architectural glories of its imperial heyday are many parks, green areas, and hiking trails. There’s also ample opportunity to ramble through the forests outlying the city. Even so, you might still be surprised to see benches and plants occupying a parking space, or even flowers growing out of ashtrays in the subway – evidence of secret urban gardeners at work! Vienna’s close proximity to nature makes a vital contribution to its renowned quality of life.

© Claudio Farkasch / sound:frame

Music Festivals

When thinking of Vienna and music, what’s the first thing to come to your mind? The Strauss family and waltzes? Falco and “Rock me Amadeus”? The world-famous opera? Sure, there’s all that, but there’s a lot more. Just walk from the opera towards the Karlsplatz at the beginning of May, you will find yourself in the annual public pop festival with many contemporary musicians from Austria. Also, the city hosts one of Europe’s most seminal audio-visual festivals every spring, celebrating the alliance of image and sound, combining cutting-edge visual techniques, theory, art and eclectic music. So by all means pay homage to the heroes of Vienna’s classical past, but keep one eye on its musical pioneers of the present!

© We Bandits


Nowadays, the people of any one city seem to dress the same way as everywhere else with little sense of individual style. But dig around off Vienna’s beaten tracks, and you will come across unique pop-up stores, and passionate people who collect the past to make it your future wardrobe. The Viennese are very eager to create distinctive clothing labels these days… Find out more at the annual fashion fair!

© Manuel Radde

Culture / Arts

Just visiting world-famous concert hall, opera houses, and museums in Vienna would take you weeks – but be sure not to overlook the small nooks and off-spaces! A stroll through the MuseumsQuartier will bring you in contact with freely accessible outdoor exhibition spaces nestling in the shadow of the famous museums. Join the locals each Sunday for architectural excursions and find out what secret lies beneath the city’s surface. And if you are not lucky enough to bag a seat at the famous Burgtheater, simply try one of the many small contemporary performance stages!

© Christiano Tekirdali


Have you ever bought a record and fresh organic cheese from the same shop? Do you want to cook dinner for friends with some Asian appetizers, an African main course and Indian dessert? Maybe you are craving some specialist imported British goodies, or you are looking for veggies as fresh as from your granny’s garden? You will be surprised how much fun shopping in Vienna can be – even with the crowd in the Neubaugasse – looking for the best deal out there.

© komo prod. / Wunderkammer


Vienna is famous for its Schnitzel and Sachertorte – but that’s not what the Viennese eat every day (no matter what the tourist guides insist). Creative foodies will find mouth-watering ways to surprise you with delicious pastries, or challenge your taste buds with experiments in butter and sugar. Avoid obvious tourist restaurants, but keep your eyes peeled for the hidden eateries, or take a walk with your friends to the vineyards on the surrounding hills – sipping a glass of wine in sight of the vines form which it was made, while savouring the great views of the city around, is an enchanting experience not to be missed.

© Harald Wolfbeisser

Night/Day Life

A tram during the night can be very different to one in the day… Why not take a a jaunt to the Praterstern, and ride on the famous Ferris wheel for some unforgettable views of the city? Inside the red gondolas, local DJs ride the groove. A good way to make friends with people with whom you can drink mimosas and blow soap bubbles with in the sunshine the next day. These are of course just a fraction of the many nocturnal and diurnal activities you can choose from in the city!

© Flickr / dmitryku


You can’t take your kids to a nightclub, but maybe they love dancing too? You could even take them to exactly the same place you spent the night before: Vienna’s famous club Pratersauna. This is a great way to enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon with family and friends. Austria’s capital offers a plethora of options to keep your little critters entertained, from hands-on exhibition at the children`s museum, to a thrilling jungle safari, or even a chance to be a scientist for one day – just like you!