ERC consolidator grant for Kristin Tessmar-Raible


Congratulations to MFPL group leader Kristin Tessmar-Raible, who has been awarded an “ERC Consolidator Grant” from the European Research Council. The grant will provide around two million Euros for a period of five years and is her second ERC grant. 

Kristin’s research focusses on rhythms and endogenous clocks of animals. Many organisms possess inner oscillators (“clocks” and “calendars”) that get synchronized by solar and lunar light and govern physiology and behaviour. Using a range of organisms, including the bristle worm Platynereis dumerilii and the midge Clunio marinus as models, Kristin’s team aims to understand how timing works on the molecular and cellular level, including the impact of light via non-conventional light receptors.

The ERC funded projects will especially focus on the questions how a biological system can maintain a self-sustained monthly oscillation and synchronize it by light and how this system can be robust against environmental variations commonly present in more naturalistic conditions.

The highly competitive ERC Consolidator Grants are designed to support excellent Principal Investigators at the career stage at which they may still be consolidating their own independent research team or program. Applicants must demonstrate the ground-breaking nature, ambition and feasibility of their scientific proposal. This grant marks the fourth Consolidator Grant and the eleventh ERC grant in total for MFPL researchers once again proving evidence for the high quality of research carried out by the institute at the Vienna BioCenter.