MFPL Career Day 2015


Scientists have to make some of their most important career decisions during their PhD and Postdoc time. The MFPL Career Day takes place on a biannual basis and offers our students and Postdocs a fantastic opportunity to get information on a wide variety of career possibilities in the field of life sciences and beyond. In addition, career-focused workshops give participants the chance to be well prepared when applying for a job.

This year, the MFPL Career Day took place on October 5th at Hotel Lindner am Belvedere, Vienna. 11 invited guests who initially trained to be scientists and then pursued careers in pharma industry, patent law, lecturing and science illustration – to name just a few – joined us this time. Over 70 participants took the opportunity to discuss career options with up to four of our guests during this “Job-Speed-Dating”. The discussions in small groups created a comfortable atmosphere far away from the usual classroom lectures and allowed talking about individual interests.

The MFPL Career Day 2015 was also the perfect setting for presenting the MFPL Community, a network to connect current and former MFPL members. The aim of the MFPL Community is to build strong and long-lasting connections to MFPL alumni and current MFPL members, as well as to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise between its members. MFPL Community President Amanda Jamieson, former University Assistant in the lab of Thomas Decker and now Assistant Professor in the Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology at Brown University (USA), gave a brief overview over the network and its “nod”, the MFPL Community website portal.

>> Learn more about the MFPL Community

The MFPL Career Day 2015 also offered two workshops: “Assessment Center Training” and “Job Interview Training”, which took place in the mornings of October 5th and 6th at MFPL. Participants of the assessment center training learned which competencies are commonly assessed and how to best present themselves and their potentials. Furthermore, they got insights into how recruiters think and act.
During the workshop “Job Interview Training” participants learned about do’s and dont’s in job interviews, experienced their strengths and weaknesses in presenting themselves as well as in a job interview situations. Both workshops included intensive and personal feedback from the invited experts for each participant.

We would like to thank our invited guests Amanda Jamieson, Christine Eresheim, Julia Jakl, Dieter Pullirsch, Laura Symul, Chantal Rodgarkia-Dara, Thomas Tallian, Michael Metzlaff, Alexander Belcredi, Andreas Pilz and Gerda Redl, our workshop trainers Manuela Kainz, Harald Dvorak, Michael Hamberger and Werner Holub, as well as our sponsors Microsynth Austria, The Boston Consulting Group, Lactan and THP Medical Products for their time and support! Many thanks also to Martina Sauert and Marion Linger, who helped with the organization, and Florian Ebner, who was responsible for the graphics.