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Antibodies and in particular monoclonal antibodies with their exquisite epitope specificity are the tools of choice for research in medicine and life sciences. The aim of the Monoclonal Antibody Facility is to produce novel high quality mouse monoclonal antibodies specific for any custom antigens, e.g. peptides, recombinant proteins, or post-translational modifications.

Based on a decade-long expertise from the generation of numerous monoclonal antibodies in the Ogris lab, the Monoclonal Antibody Facility was established in 2009 by Egon Ogris and Stefan Schüchner as a service facility offering in-house development of custom monoclonal antibodies to researchers at MFPL as well as to academic and non-academic customers outside MFPL. Such monoclonal antibodies may not only be applied in basic research, but may also serve in clinical applications, e.g. as diagnostic markers or surrogate markers for therapy.

In addition, funded by FWF Translational Research grants, we aim to refine the methods for the generation of monoclonal antibodies and to apply the improved method for the development of novel antibodies specific for disease-associated human proteins.

IF image of fibroblasts from a healthy donor and a Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria syndrome (HGPS) patient. The cells were stained with DAPI and a novel anti-progerin (lamin A „u50) monoclonal antibody developed in our lab. Image courtesy of Giovanna Latanzi.


The Monoclonal Antibody Facility generates mouse monoclonal antibodies against any custom antigen of choice, including short peptides, recombinant proteins, post-translational modifications, or small compounds. Our services comprise immunizations of mice (Balb/c), screening of mouse sera by Western blot and/or ELISA, fusion of splenocytes and screening of fusion clones, as well as the production of the resulting monoclonal antibodies.

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