The Vienna Biocenter (VBC)

The Vienna Biocenter (VBC) as a science hot spot offers a valuable and productive atmosphere for researchers. The infrastructure around the 4 basic research institutes and pharmaceutical companies has developed since 1988 to specifically satisfy the needs of highly committed international scientists. 

Child Care Center

Since 2009, the Vienna Biocenter also offers a day care center for children from 3 months to 6 year olds. The staff speaks English and offers flexible opening hours to support researchers with families as well as possible when working at the VBC. 


As a contrast to the brain-wrecking job of doing research, the VBC also organizes regular sport tournaments, like the VBC soccer cup. Everyone working here at the Vienna Biocenter can join one of the teams from MFPL, IMP, IMBA or GMI and compete for honor and to get your mind off work every once in a while. 

Amateur Drama Club

Apart from these sportive events, the VBC has also established an Amateur Drama Club, which performs regularly with 3-4 productions a year. Each winter, the VBC is especially looking forward to the annual Christmas Pantomime, in which a classic fairytale is spiced up with anecdotes and supposed-to-be secrets about the VBC and everyone working here. 

Social hours & get-togethers

The VBC is continuously growing and merging together. Annual summer and Christmas play performances bring everyone together in a social and relaxing atmosphere. This joining of forces, not only in the lab, accounts for the warm, welcoming and stimulating atmosphere at the VBC.