VBC Amateur Drama Club

The Vienna Biocenter Amateur Drama Club (VBC ADC) is an extra-curricular society based at the Vienna Biocenter. The members are drawn from all four academic institutes at the VBC (GMI, IMBA, IMP and MFPL) and include students, technicians, group leaders and postdocs. No previous experience is necessary, and the emphasis is very much on having fun. 

The club grew out of the success of the annual Christmas play, which began in 2008 at the MFPL ("Cinderella") and has since gone on to become the centrepiece of the Christmas time at the VBC. These Christmas plays are in the tradition of British pantomime, and offer the students and Postdocs to turn the tables on their supervisors for one night. The scripts feature a mix of song, dance, satire, and slapstick humour and are written by the cast, based on traditional children's stories ("The Wizard of Ös", 2009; "Peter Pan", 2010, "Aladdin", 2012; "A Christmas Carol", 2011; "Snow White", 2013, "Hansel & Gretel", 2014).

Besides the Christmas play, the ADC generally produces a spring performance ("Amadeus", 2010; "Smorgasbord", 2011; "Kaleidoscope", 2013, "A VBC Vaudeville", 2015) and a summer open air performance in the VBC basketball courtyard ("A Midsummer Night's Dream", 2010; "Twelfth night", 2011; "As you like it", 2012; "Romeo & Juliet", 2013; "The Importance of Being Earnest", 2014; "Star Wars: Verily, a new hope", 2016). 

In addition to rehearsing for shows, the club regularly meets for social activities and workshops.

Interested in joining in? Contact Tom Ayers at tom.ayers [AT] univie.ac [DOT] at