VBC Child Care Center

The Vienna Biocenter (VBC) has its own day-care center for kids from 3 months of age for VBC and Media Quarter Marx employees. The Kindergarten is operated by the “Wiener Kinderfreunde”, a non-profit organisation with 100 years of experience in child care.

For further details, please refer to their website or contact the center manager. 

Mrs Dagmar Mirek, Manager
Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm
Telephone: +43-(0)1- 798 56 10
kdg.campus [AT] speed [DOT] at

The VBC Childcare Center was featured by an article in the Austrian magazine Falter for its  innovative approach to childcare. Apart from the fact that it helps researchers at the Vienna Biocenter to manage both their professional and family lives, it also offers children exciting science-inspired experiences with native speaking guests and simple experiments like mixing oil and water. 

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