Research Areas

Research at the MFPL is curiosity-driven and spans the field of Molecular and Cell Biology. Most groups investigate basic research questions but a significant number are also active in more applied fields of biology.

Please select a research area to find out which research groups are working within the respective topic:

Scientific Facilities

MFPL researchers are supported by centralized scientific facilities offering cutting edge services.

Research Networks

Scientific collaboration is a major element and inevitable prerequisite for excellence in basic research. Our group leaders are therefore actively involved in local, national and international research networks.

Special Research Programs SFBs

Peer-reviewed, interactive research networks supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF: 

Doctoral Programs

International PhD Programs with a scientific focus, reviewed and supported by the Austrian Science Fund FWF:

Laura Bassi Centre of Excellence

funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG

International & European Cooperation

Research initiatives funded by the European Union


Our researchers publish around 130 scientific papers per year in internationally recognized journals. Browse our publications database to find specific publications by group, year or keyword.