Decoding mRNA decay in inflammation

Research platform "Decoding mRNA decay in inflammation"

Regulation of gene expression by changes in mRNA stability is one of the most important mechanisms in the control of immune responses. Tristetraprolin (TTP) is a key mRNA-destabilizing protein regulating the elimination of inflammatory mRNAs such as TNF and other cytokines. TTP deficiency in mice causes severe inflammation and eventually premature death caused by uncontrolled cytokine accumulation. Thus, TTP plays an essential role in balancing immune responses. The fundamental question of how TTP selectively recognizes inflammatory mRNAs is not solved. This research platform funded by the University of Vienna employs structural biology in combination with bioinformatics and cell based approaches to decipher the key principles of TTP-mediated mRNA decay and to ultimately pave the way for exploitation of TTP in therapy of immune disorders.

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