Equipment park - Genomics

The Functional Genomics & Microarray Facility has been remodeled in 2012, due to the upcoming of the Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF). 

The key instruments of the facility, however, have not changed their location and are still available to the staff of the Campus Vienna Biocenter. 

The equipment park at MFPL consists of

  • Agilent 2-micron resolution highthroughput scanner

For information and scheduling experiments contact: Pavel Kovarik or Martin Radolf

  • Affymetrix GCS3000 7G system (inlcuding a scanner, fluidics station and hybridization oven)

For information and scheduling experiments contact: Franz Klein

The Hamilton Star Line 8-channel liquid-handling robot has been transferred to the VBCF.

For information and scheduling experiments contact: Peggy Stolt-Bergner

Scientific Supervisors


Pavel Kovarik
pavel.kovarik [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-54608


Franz Klein
franz.klein [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-56220