Plant Facility

The Plant Growth Facility supports educational and scientific goals of MFPL scientists that employ plants in their research. It covers greenhouses, growth incubators and tissue culture rooms. The facility thus complements the CSF-operated growth chambers, some of which are also located in the 8th floor of the MFPL building (VBCF Plant Sciences Facility).

The Greenhouses are intended for low cost plant growth, when temperature or humidity conditions have to correspond to pre-set values with only limited precision. Actual values are recorded, to allow documentation of growth conditions. One greenhouse is devoted to seed maturation of plants after the active growth phase, one greenhouse is used for quarantaine purposes if diseased plants from other growth facilities that have to be kept, e.g. for seed set, and one greenhouse has been used for infection studies. Material such as pots, standard soil and soil additives are provided and can be used in an individualized way in a dedicated area. Pest management and facility maintenance services are provided by Jolantha Ambroz-Kumorovski.

Growth incubators do allow precise control of humidity and temperature conditions, and are optimal for small-scale experiments under non-standard conditions. Plant tissue culture rooms in the 4th and 3rd floor complement the facility, allowing growth of petri dishes and sterile in vitro cultures under standard conditions optimized for Arabidopsis.

A flexible booking system was established to guarantee space availability and to provide users and facility management with the necessary overview.

The plant facility comprises of greenhouses (A), growth incubators (B) and growth rooms (C)  and allows growth of a multitude of plant species under controlled environmental conditions.


MFPL Main Building - Level 8 - Room 8.318

Facility Management


Jolanta Ambroz-Kumorowski
jolanta.ambroz-kumorowski [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-24061

Scientific Supervisors

Andrea BARTA

Andrea Barta
andrea.barta [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-61640


Andreas Bachmair
andreas.bachmair [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-74811