The MFPL Philosophy

Inspiring the next generation of scientists 

Max Perutz had a strong belief in education, instilling the next generation of life scientists with knowledge and skills. Continuing this tradition, we aim to foster individual talent, fan the flames of curiosity, plant the seeds of innovation, and encourage independent experimental and intellectual approaches. By doing so, we endow young scientists with the scholarship and experimental rigor needed to solve important research problems in the basic and medical sciences.

The Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) are committed to providing a creative space for discoveries. Our research covers a broad range of molecular biosciences, exploring life at a cellular, molecular and atomic level. All students and scientists benefit from excellent scientific facilities.

PhD Opportunities

MFPL scientists recruit twice yearly, in spring and winter, through the MFPL PhD Selection or through the VBC PhD program selection.  

The MFPL Summer Selection 2017 took place on May 8th-11th in Vienna. Students from all over the world traveled to Vienna to meet MFPL scientists, learn about their research, and get a taste of Viennese life. 

For more information about the Selection visit our How to Apply page. 

Vienna Doctoral School "Molecules of Life" at MFPL

All PhD students at MFPL are part of the Vienna Doctoral School - Molecules of Life. Created to promote interdisciplinary research, helping excellent PhD students develop into tomorrow's leading scientists, the school involves all MFPL faculty, excellent organic and biological chemistry groups, as well as Life Science groups and the DOME (Department of Molecular Ecology).

Within the Vienna Doctoral School, MFPL hosts five PhD tracks with a special research focus on:

The first three tracks have been internationally reviewed and are funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).

VBC PhD Program

The VBC PhD Program is a joint program of the research institutes at the Vienna Biocenter Campus, in which MFPL group leaders can participate.