Career development

Apart from scientific training, MFPL also offers several different career development initiatives, supporting upcoming young PhDs and postdocs as well as group leaders in their research endeavors. Career development comprises coaching and mentoring programs as well as specific seminars & workshops.


Mentoring is an important activity to foster the exchange of experiences between young (PhDs and Postdocs) and senior scientists (group leaders).
The mentoring groups, consisting of one mentor and up to six mentees, are formed for a certain period (two semesters). Within this period, the groups meet regularly and discuss topics and issues apart from their daily research work. Supervision by a coach prevents and resolves conflicts within the group. To adapt the mentoring program to new developments, the mentors and mentees will have the possibility to evaluate the program regularly.


One-on-one coaching provides support to cope with individual problems. The coaches offer to work with young researchers on specific strategies and solutions for their individual professional concerns; accompanying young researchers in an individual setting to work on topics such as individual career planning, conflict and crises at work, dealing with stress and stress reactions (work-life balance) or professional decision-making situations. This process usually comprises several coaching units depending on the actual concern.

Seminars & Workshops

The seminar and workshop schedule is constantly tailored to the individual needs of the MFPL community. The following areas were addressed within the last two years:

  • Communication & presentation
  • Project management
  • Statistic analysis
  • Publication writing
  • Grant writing
  • Leadership