Postdoc community

Support and socializing

The Postdoc association at MFPL works to encourage both the professional and social development of its members. The Postdoc representatives (who serve for approximately two years) attend the regular faculty meetings where they bring up issues raised by their colleagues. These issues are discussed among the Postdocs at regular informal coffee or beer meetings. At the annual MFPL PhD and Postdoc retreat, Postdocs have the chance to discuss their science together with MFPL PhD students. Additionally,the MFPL Postdoc community is part of the larger Vienna Area Postdoc Association (VAPA) that represents the four institutes on the Vienna Biocenter (GMI, IMBA, IMP and MFPL) also CEMM and ISTA. The aim of VAPA is to provide a platform for all postdocs in Vienna to develop their scientific careers and use the Postdoc network for their benefit. We are organizing regularly workshops, Postdoc days and a yearly VAPA Postdoc retreat.

Postdoc representatives


Marion Goldeck PostDoc
marion.goldeck [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-61816

Heather BECK

Heather Beck PostDoc
heather.beck [AT] [DOT] at
Tel. +43-1-4277-54632

Former VIPS program at the MFPL

The Vienna International Postdoctoral Program (VIPS) has officially ended in December 2016. We thank all people involved!