Andrea Barta is awarded "Golden Badge of Honor for Meritorious Service to the Province of Vienna"


Professor Andrea Barta, group leader at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories (MFPL) of the Vienna Medical University and University of Vienna, is awarded one of the highest honours currently available in the Province of Vienna. We congratulate Professor Barta to this incredible achievement.
The Golden Badge of Honor for Meritorious Service to the Province of Vienna (“Goldenes Ehrenzeichen für Verdienste um das Land Wien”) recognizes those who have made outstanding contributions to the Province of Vienna in the public or private sector.

Andrea Barta is Professor at the Medical University of Vienna, and since 2005 leads her group at the MFPL. Her pioneering research in the field of RNA biology has lasted over three decades, focusing on the mechanism of alternative mRNA splicing. This essential and highly regulated process allows for a single gene to code for multiple proteins. Mutations that affect alternative splicing in humans are a major cause for many diseases, and in particular can lead to cancer. 

Her work extends beyond the lab bench, as Professor Barta has also significantly contributed to establishing Vienna internationally as a prospering hub for RNA research.  
Furthermore, she is strongly committed to bringing science closer to the general public, and her efforts led to the co-founding of Austria’s initiative for life science communication called “Open Science” , as well as the “Vienna Open Lab”. She also chairs the FWF-funded PhD Program “RNA Biology” at the MFPL, which aims to mentor and support young starting scientists. 

The award ceremony took place on September 7th 2016 in Vienna’s city hall, and the Golden Badge was presented to Professor Barta by councilwoman Renate Brauner.