Associate Professorship for Gang Dong


Congratulations to MFPL group leader Gang Dong on his successful application for an associate professorship of the Medical University of Vienna.

Gang Dong’s group studies ciliogenesis, focusing particularly on structural characterisation of proteins essential for the biogenesis of centrioles and/or cilia. Their main research tool is X-ray crystallography, combined with other structural study methods including NMR/EM, various biophysical techniques, as well as functional studies carried out with their collaborators.

Eukaryotic centrioles and cilia are specialized organelles, highly conserved throughout evolution. These organelles are moving more and more into the spotlight, as they are also associated with a rising number of human disorders, such as male sterility and respiratory distress syndrome.

Gang Dong joined the MFPL in April 2008, as a junior group leader, after his postdoctoral training at Yale University. He holds a PhD in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and has obtained numerous awards in his career, such as the Brown Coxe Fellowship from the Yale School of Medicine and the long-term Postdoctoral Fellowship from the American Heart Association. Over the last few years, Gang Dong has established extensive collaborations with a number of national/international collaborators and acquired several Austrian Science Fund (FWF) grants. His group is also a participating member of the recently started Integrative Structural Biology PhD program, which is funded by the FWF.