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Dynamics of Coupled Biological Systems: Methods and Phenomena

Alipasha VAZIRI
Alipasha Vaziri
Group Leader

Phone: +43-1-79730-3540
Dr. Bohr-Gasse 9 (VBC 5), 1030 Vienna | Room: 1.601




Our goal is to understand how stochasticity, non-linearity, correlations and coupled excited state dynamics of biological systems and networks contribute to their function. We investigate these questions in different systems and at different scales, from the fundamental principles of protein and bio-molecular dynamics on the nano-scale to the dynamic interactions in cellular networks giving rise to physiological function.

 To address these questions we take a multidisciplinary approach and develop new methods and technologies such as advanced imaging and spectroscopy techniques based on...


David Cisneros Armas| Martin Frank| Christoph Götz| Maxim Molodtsov| Tobias Nöbauer| Robert Prevedel| Friederike Schlumm|

Selected Publications

Prevedel, Robert; Yoon, Young-Gyu; Hoffmann, Maximilian; Pak, Nikita; Wetzstein, Gordon; Kato, Saul; Schrödel, Tina; Raskar, Ramesh; Zimmer, Manuel; Boyden, Edward S; Vaziri, Alipasha (2014). Simultaneous whole-animal 3D imaging of neuronal activity using light-field microscopy. Nature Methods;11(7):727-30. PMID: 24836920

Schrödel, Tina, Prevedel, Robert, Aumayr, Karin, Zimmer, Manuel, Vaziri, Alipasha (2013). Brain-wide 3D imaging of neuronal activity in Caenorhabditis elegans with sculpted light Nature Methods;10(10):1013-20. PMID: 24013820

Tedeschi, Antonio, Wutz, Gordana, Huet, Sébastien, Jaritz, Markus, Wuensche, Annelie, Schirghuber, Erika, Davidson, Iain Finley, Tang, Wen, Cisneros, David A., Bhaskara Venugopal, Bhaskara, Nishiyama, Tomoko, Vaziri, Alipahsa,Wutz, Anton, Ellenberg, Jan, Peters, Jan-Michael (2013). Wapl is an essential regulator of chromatin structure and chromosome segregation NATURE;501(7468):564-8. PMID: 23975099

Collaboration & Funding

WWTF - Vienna Science and Technology Fund

WWTF - Vienna Science and Technology Fund

The Vaziri Group is supported through the "Vienna Research Groups for Young Investigators" program. Watch the video to find out more about the program and the research of the...



The Vaziri group is working on the project "In vivo functional imaging and high-resolution manipulations of hippocampal memory circuits" funded by the Human Frontier Science...

Marie Curie Actions

Marie Curie Actions

The Vaziri group is also funded by the Marie Curie Actions program of the European Commission.



The Vaziri Group is supported by the research platform for Quantum Phenomena and Nanoscale Biological Systems of the University Vienna.