PhD Opportunities at the MFPL

The Max F. Perutz Laboratories provide interdisciplinary PhD training, high-quality research, a full-time contract and a competitive salary for outstanding university graduates. The MFPL are situated at the Vienna Biocenter (VBC), a major science hotspot in Europe. Students and scientists benefit from the excellent scientific networks between the research institutes and companies at the VBC.

A PhD is a unique career option in many ways. How else can you use all of your creativity and intellectual power to answer fundamental scientific questions? Where else do you find so many people driven by the same passion?

We at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories are committed to providing a creative space for discoveries. Our research covers a broad range of the molecular biosciences, exploring life at the cellular, molecular and atomic levels. All students and scientists benefit from excellent scientific facilities.

Our institute is characterized by a spirit of sharing ideas and resources. Currently, 150 PhD students from more than 40 nations work at the MFPL, creating an open, interactive atmosphere. English is the official working language.

Interested in a PhD at the Max F. Perutz Laboratories? Here’s how to join!

Vienna Doctoral School - Molecules of Life at MFPL

The MFPL is home to the interdisciplinary training provided by the Vienna Doctoral School “Molecules of Life”, established to foster education, cooperation and interaction among students and group leaders from different backgrounds and disciplines in an open and creative environment. By promoting the exchange of ideas and inspiring insights from unexpected perspectives as well as the introduction of novel technologies, “Molecules of Life” provides ambitious and motivated students with the training opportunities they need to become the next generation leaders in the Molecular Life Sciences. PhD students have a primary affiliation with one of the participating research groups, and are enrolled as graduate students at the University of Vienna or the Medical University of Vienna.

The MFPL are home to the Vienna Doctoral School Molecules of Life. Within the school, we host several international PhD tracks offering curricula specifically tailored to their scientific focus.  If you want to know more about a specific track, please click on the image below.

PhD-Tracks RNA biology Bioinformatics Chromosome dynamics Structural biology Infection biology Cell signaling

International PhD tracks

The MFPL are proud to host five international PhD tracks within the Vienna Doctoral School. Each of these tracks involves several of our research groups and offers a specific curriculum fitting its scientific focus.

Currently, the MFPL hosts five PhD tracks: