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Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Signaling

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Cells manage to survive, proliferate, and differentiate in their environment by interpreting the signals they receive from it and translating them into the right output. If signaling goes awry, even only in part of the cells, the whole organism is at risk.

The PhD track 'Molecular mechanisms of Cell Signaling' offers structured, state-of-the-art training in signal transduction and competitive PhD projects that combine biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, and genetics to study cell signaling in different model organisms.

The curriculum has a minimum duration of 3 years, an extension is possible.
The students obtain a PhD Degree conferred by the University of Vienna or by the Medical University of Vienna, depending on the affiliation of the Supervisor, and /or based on the topic of the thesis.

Application and Selection

We recruit through the MFPL PhD selection. For information on open positions, submission deadlines, selection process etc. please visit our homepage.

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