Biocenter Soccer Team

We are looking for players to join our team, especially girls! The rules are that at any given time there have to be at least two female players on the field. So far, 2 1/2 female players have expressed their interest, which is by no means enough considering that one game will take 30-40 minutes on a big field (11 vs. 11!).

For sure MFPL harbours some hidden soccer gems, who are just waiting to be discovered on an occasion like this! At the same time, however, no special skills are required. We want to kick asses of course, but the main purpose is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Furthermore, we´d also be happy to welcome some PI´s on our team, not least to counterbalance the IMBA´s director´s contribution… So, hope to hear from some of you soon!

Interested in joining in?
Contact Stefan Schüchner: stefan.schuechner(at)