Group Von Gabain

Research and Development Programs at Valneva, a spin-off of the MFPL and IMP

Vaccination is arguably the most successful medical intervention which has during the last century become a mandatory part of most countries’ health care programs and shown to be an effective instrument in the control of infectious diseases worldwide. However, development and launch of novel vaccines did not see a turn around before the late 1980ies. Dramatic progress made in the scientific fields of immunology, molecular biology, genomics and host-parasite interaction, but also in the arena of novel manufacturing technologies has facilitated the development of novel vaccines.

Valneva (previously Intercell), a spin off of the Vienna Biocenter and research-driven Biotech Company has taken advantage of this trend and devotes its R&D programs to the development of novel infectious disease vaccines. The company has launched a novel prophylactic vaccine worldwide against Japanese encephalitis virus which is based on an attenuated, inactivated, cell culture produced and highly purified vaccine antigen. In the clinical pipeline are protein subunit vaccines against bacterial pathogens, such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis, causing TB, and Pseudomas aeruginosa, Clostridium difficile, both causing hospital acquired infections, but also a therapeutic vaccine against the Hepatitis C virus. The Valneva team also works on the development of anti-infective monoclonal antibodies that are derived from humans exposed to the pathogens.

Vaccine development is supported by technology platforms that help to dissect the protective human immune response, to identify vaccine antigens, structures mediating protection against the pathogen, and to design vaccine adjuvants, substances inducing and facilitating the proper type of immunity in the vaccinated subjects. Many of Valneva’s vaccine technologies and R & D projects are partnered with pharmaceutical industries, including Merck & co, sanofi and Novartis.

Additionally, the company is actively collaborating with many academic and public institutions, including the Centre of disease Control, CDC, Max Plank Institutes, Karolinska Institute and MFPL. Vaccine development at Valneva is largely financed by private investments and revenues. However, the Company is also grateful for the generous support of Austrian, Viennese and US funding agencies, but also indebted to PATH and AERAS foundations largely carried by the Melinda and Bill Gates Foundation.

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